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From Toddlers to Topless

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Today I realized that I have been doing Topless Tours for years, with Toddlers!

One of the things that I recall getting excited about when I worked with toddlers, was taking them on nature walks. Exploring the environment and taking the time to look at the tiniest bugs along the trail. Answering the unending questions about everything and helping them navigate their bodies through the challenges along the way.

Have you ever thought back on your life and realized that past moments have helped to bring and prepare you to where you are today? This was one of those moments for me today. I remember...

I was walking with four littles, all behind me and we were going on an adventure! Along the ridge, through the trees, down the hill, and up the road back to the play area. The children were so excited! Their voices were squealing with delight, in awe and wonder of how big things looked from their little perspectives. They had to navigate their bodies through the brush, keep their balance, be aware of the surroundings and yet having the best time, conquering the challenge.

The biggest part was the freedom! The freedom of no physical boundaries, like a fence.

Walking in the ‘forest’ was all new. It required great trust of the caregiver, (me) of themselves and their abilities. They listened intently to my instruction and knew I would keep them safe, even though the newness and expansiveness of the forest felt a little uneasy and exciting at the same time.

This experience lifted me, every time, and them too. When we came back to the road, they wanted to do it again! I still get this feeling when I am out on a hiking tour, except maybe not the doing it again part. I do not have the endless energy of a toddler! I do, however, feel so good, light, connected, confident, grounded, and relaxed all at the same time. I am lit up.

This is what I want you to experience on a Topless Tour! It is more than a tour; it is an experience. It is about letting go, freedom, not worrying, being in the moment, coming out of your shell and finding that spark inside you, even for only a couple of hours.

That is what truly makes it Topless! Think, taking the roof off, the limits we mentally place on ourselves. I want to open the door with a glimpse of what you are capable of. To take you back to that feeling of your inner child excited for the experience of something new and challenging.

If you are looking for an experience, adventure, and a change of pace, whether you live here in the South Okanagan or visiting the area. Book a Topless Tour. If you have any concerns or have any questions, feel free to contact me ( info is below). We will discuss what you are looking for and together, plan a tour to help you come back more connected, grounded, relaxed, and lit up like a little kid.

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