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The Paradise Tour, by Topless Tours

Although Topless has a provocative meaning; to me, Topless is with out a top, (roof) and without barriers and when it comes to our own self discovery, we are limitless! We are Beautiful, courageous and can do whatever we want to do.

Going on a Topless Tour… provides an extra sensory experience you feel when riding with the top (of the car) down. The feeling of the wind in your hair, the aroma of the flowers in bloom or someone’s dinner cooking on the BBQ, see the birds flying over head or beside the vehicle and hear the music playing from a custom play list. That is just in the Vehicle! Once we get to our destination, I will guide you to the falls as far as you are wanting to go. There will be many opportunities to take photos, as there are many small trails leading to the creek for gorgeous waterscapes and selfies. The journey is about all that you can take in along the way to the destination. It is not just what you can see, it is also what you can do. We cross a few bridges, we also cross the creek on foot, this can be a challenge and I encourage you along the way.

What I love about coming to the falls, is I see something different every time. I feel something magical, and I leave feeling elevated, happy, peaceful and relaxed at the same time. NO matter what the season, there is such beauty and lush green moss which lends to an inspiration of new life, hope, and I am filled with a sense of love for this world we live in, and myself. When I am feeling down, this is the gift I give myself and come here to reset.

I want to give you an opportunity to connect with nature. Smell the warm pine needles in the sunshine and hear the wind whispering through the branches. Hear the water of the creek gurgling and meandering through the many rocks and be in awe of the wonderful rock formations that the rushing water has created over thousand of years. To have an experience of peace, tranquility, and awe.

I also want my clients, to let the top off their own self placed limits, to challenge themselves in places they didn’t think they would go, to gain confidence, make connections and lasting memories.

I am passionate about Penticton and the Okanagan Valley, as I grew up here. I love exploring the off the beaten path places and show those who live here and travel here places they may not necessarily see otherwise, in a fun, liberating, and laid-back way.

Book The Paradise Tour via my website at or call me directly to arrange a custom tour that best suits your needs at 250-565-5466. I look forward to exploring with you!

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