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About Topless Tours

  People approach and enquire…. just what kind of topless tours? 
If you have to ask, then you have my kind of sense of humor.

Only the car is topless!
The beauty of touring in a convertible is the  personalized experience of a small group. From playing your favorite music, to one on one conversations, you will be sure to revel in the experience.
Riding in the VW Beetle, with the top down is a most liberating feeling!  Nothing between you and the sky, wind in your hair, delightful aromas, it is exhilarating, liberating, and a lot of fun!
I want to share that experience with YOU!
With a name like Topless Tours, there are bound to be some laughs!
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Thank You for visiting our website. All tours are now closed.

The Why

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Hi! I'm Sherry O'Connor and I started Topless Tours because getting out into nature has been super transformational and grounding for me.  It has helped build my confidence, to feel connected, and rejuvenated. Through it all I realized I wanted to create a space  for others to experience the transformative potential of nature too. 

Lush green waterfalls, an eclectic wine tour, lazy afternoon ice cream drive, romantic sunsets or screaming from a mountain top, I offer a variety of tours for different experiences. 

Join me on a tour, where you can experience an adventure  for yourself and do something a little out of the ordinary when exploring the Scenic South Okanagan.

I am standing beside the car, i I am beaming from the Paradise tour experience!
bright yellow flowers in the foreground of a mountain scene, with large pine trees.

Adventure & Experience

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Topless Tours is an immersive experience in nature,


freeing you from the day to day, or out of the box,


and literally "blowing the top off" what you think


you can experience on an adventure. 

The car is topless, the fun and adventure is limitless!

Book a tour and see where it will lead you!

Safety First

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Safety is a foundational factor in providing tours to people. I have  my Remote  First Aid certificate, and have held a First Aid certificate for the past 20 years in my previous career of caring for toddlers. 

One wouldn't think caring for toddlers would lead to this path I am currently on. However, what I learned while teaching the young ones with their minds wide open is what partly led to the inspiration for Topless Tours.

As a leader of a pack of young children you need to be super aware of your surroundings, mindful of hazards and in tune with each of them and their needs, and fears, to help them feel safe while exploring the world. These are all valuable skills when guiding adults on tours as well.  Check out more about that on my blog page!

I will continue to further my training to provide the safest adventure for you!


*Note that the VW Beetle (Lady) is wiped down with disinfectant  between each tour for your health and safety.*

I am squatting to the side, and pointing with my right hand, I am explaining an alternate route.

Topless Gallery

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